Google Play In-App Review API

The Google Play In-App Review API lets you prompt users to submit Play Store ratings and reviews without the inconvenience of leaving your app or game.

Getting user review on Google Play has always been a 2 step process, from showing a rating dialog in the app and then taking the user to Google play to actually rate the app.

In-App Review API shows a dialog in the app and lets users rate and write reviews which not only boost the ratings but also make the flow smooth.

Review flow can be launched at any time throughout the user journey

When to request a review?

The hardest part is to decide where and when to use this API. As per Android Documentation, it does come with quotas. Check out the guidelines to decide when to request

Also, using a CTA to start this flow is not recommended as API doesn't show if your quota is finished or not.

Integrate in-app reviews in your app

After deciding when and where you just need to add the Google play core dependency and call the below function to start the Review Flow. Check out the documentation to know more.

implementation ''


Testing can be done on testing tracks in Google Play by creating an Internal Test track or by using internal App Sharing, Also, make sure that your current Google Account hasn’t reviewed the app yet. There are no quotas in testing tracks, so you will always see the dialog. If you send a rating, it won’t be added as a review but as testing feedback.

Another way to test is to use FakeReviewManager, just replace the ReviewManager instance with an instance of FakeReviewManager

val manager = FakeReviewManager(context)

Final Result